Development trend of power industry and power technology in the world

The development of power electronic technology drives the development of power technology, and the development of power technology effectively promotes the development of power industry. So far, power supply has become a very important basic technology and industry, and widely used in various industries. Its development trend is high frequency, high efficiency, high density, low voltage, large current and diversification. At the same time, the packaging structure and dimensions are becoming more and more international standardization to meet the requirements of the global integrated market.


Power electronic technology has developed into a complete and self-contained high-tech technology. Power technology belongs to the category of power electronic technology. Power technology is mainly for the information industry. The development of information technology puts forward higher requirements for power technology, which promotes the development of power technology. The two are complementary to each other to create the booming information industry and power industry. From daily life to the most advanced science, power technology is inseparable from the participation and support of power technology. Power technology and industry play an important role in improving a country’s labor productivity, that is, improving the output level of a country’s unit energy consumption. In this respect, there is a big gap between China and the world’s advanced countries. As a power worker, we should not only complete the current work, but also master the latest development direction of power technology and the latest development status of related components and raw materials through various information channels, as well as the advanced film technology, thick film technology, integrated technology at home and abroad. Only in this way can we design world-class power products. Therefore, some personal views on the current development trend of power industry and technology are presented for reference and discussion of peers.

Post time: Dec-17-2019