Advantages and disadvantages of power adapter

Notebook adapters are brought with the notebook, and few people buy them alone, mainly because these adapters are basically from standard manufacturers and have reliable service life. The adapters are still strong before the notebook hangs up.
However, we still need to purchase separately in two cases:
1The adapter is broken;
2I hope to buy a lightweight adapter to carry on business.
However, many manufacturers did not assemble as required. It can be seen from the following experiments that the products of inferior manufacturers can not stand the test. This test is applicable to many electrical appliances, mainly considering whether the human body will have the risk of electric shock when actually using these products. Therefore, sufficient air gap shall be reserved at the position where electric breakdown may occur. The specific details can be seen from the actual measurement results. In order to prevent short circuit, there must be an interval of more than 2.5mm between zero line (n) and live line (L), but the design of Shanzhai is not enough. The fuse design also has such requirements. The gap distance between the primary side and the secondary side is insufficient, which is also the feature of Shanzhai power supply.
3Application of power adapter
It is widely used in consumer electronic products. Most of the output power provided is less than 100 watts, and the market demand is growing rapidly. Such as electric bicycle battery charger, small-size LCD TV, notebook computer, printer, DVD player and set-top box. Most of the early power adapters used linear transformers. With the requirements of high efficiency and wide input voltage range for power adapters in consumer electronic products, as well as the increase of copper, iron and labor costs, most of the original linear transformers in this kind of power adapters were gradually replaced by switching power supplies.
4Characteristics of power adapter
The power converter (i.e. AC to DC) converts from AC to DC, and then passes through the computer. It can not protect the computer, but there is a memory (also known as charger) for storing power in the computer, so it can protect the computer in case of power failure. Both switching power supply and adapter are switching power supply, which are composed of high-frequency switching tube and its control circuit. The adapter power supply is a regulated switching power supply. The switching power supply charger has a floating charge function. The voltage increases with the decrease of the current. In the end, there is only voltage but no current.

Post time: Mar-24-2022