Performance / price ratio is the eternal theme to win market share

Product price, performance index, brand effect and service life are always the most concerned issues of users. Looking at several famous power suppliers at home and abroad and the world’s top power suppliers, they are facing the same pressure, that is, price competition, performance competition, product excellence and artistic competition. Especially in the information age, because the information network brings the possibility of online ordering and purchasing to users, which makes the product price increasingly open, forcing every power supplier to think hard and seek A series of measures to reduce the cost, try to improve the cost performance, in order to win the market share.

Performance indicators that users are most concerned about

(1) electrical performance index

In addition to special power supply, there are dozens of indicators for general linear and switching power supply, but the most commonly mentioned indicators are output voltage accuracy, grid adjustment rate, load adjustment rate, temperature coefficient, output ripple and noise, input reflected ripple current, input common mode noise current, protection performance and efficiency, etc. The above indicators must be tested with qualified test equipment and standard test methods, and shall be delivered to the user after passing the test. It should be pointed out that it is better to meet the requirements of users for various performance indexes, and it is not necessary to pursue high indexes to increase the volume, weight and cost of power supply invisibly.

(2) reliability, safety and quality

Quality is the lifeline of enterprises. Since the reform and opening up, the development history of Chinese enterprises shows that quality plays an important role in the rise and fall of enterprises. Especially after China’s accession to the WTO, power equipment will enter the international market. Everyone must comply with the common rules of the international trade agreement and accelerate the pace of integration into the global. Enterprises must accept the certification of safety, quality system and other standardized norms. Today’s power supply enterprises should not take quality as product quality in a narrow sense, but in a broad sense


Post time: Jan-02-2020