Really SFX power supply will replace ATX power supply?

Now SFX power supplies have medium and high power products. Does this mean that we can use SFX power supplies to replace ATX power supplies? In principle, it is possible, but the actual operation is very difficult. First of all, considering the difficulty of wiring in small platforms, most of its wires are relatively short, which is difficult to meet the wiring requirements of the standard ATX platform. Secondly, because of the SFX power supply. The internal space is limited. To meet its heat dissipation efficiency, the fan speed is generally controlled at a higher level, and the noise performance is somewhat inferior to the ATX power supply.

In addition, high-power SFX power supplies have relatively high technical requirements for power supply manufacturers. It is even more difficult to make a high-power SFX power supply with excellent performance, which means that the price of the product is often not close to the people. The ratio between the performance and price of ATX power supply will be easier to control, and users will have more choices. Therefore, unless it is really limited by space, in general, ATX power supply is still the first choice under normal conditions, high performance and high power The SFX power supply has its market, there is a need, but it cannot completely replace the ATX power supply.

Post time: Aug-14-2020