Why does the power adapter heat up during use and how to deal with it?

When we use the laptop, we may find that the power adapter is heated during use, especially when charging and using in the hot summer. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon because It consumes energy in the process of converting voltage, and part of it is converted into heat energy and emitted. As we all know, energy conversion will lose the conversion efficiency of the existing European and American six-level energy efficiency standard power adapter Between 70%6-90%. For example, 12V10A power adapter, the six-level energy efficiency standard efficiency requirement is less than or equal to 88%, the conversion efficiency of the power adapter is currently difficult to find a better conversion method power adapter is in progress

Of course, some inferior power adapters are not ruled out, because the design defects cause hotness, or the use of inferior components, or the circuit design is not in accordance with the safety standards at all, because these products have not reached the design temperature rise or other parameters. The requirements of safety standards are completely incomparable with genuine power supplies. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose regular power products. For regular power adapters, we first look at the nameplate logo, there will be safety symbols on it , and some will be marked with a certificate number Manufacturer information, or factory abbreviation or full name., or LOGO, we will require 3C certification for circulation and use in the domestic market,so we must pay attention to this information during the purchase process to avoid buying inferior quality Copycat products.

In addition to not using inferior power adapters, we should also pay attention to using the original power adapter as much as possible. Even if it is replaced, we must choose the power adapter with the corresponding output voltage of the product used. Assuming that the power adapter of our router is broken, it is used before. It is a 9V1A power adapter, so we can only change the 9V power adapter, otherwise the router will be unusable or even burned out. This is about the voltage, and we must pay special attention to the output current of the matching power adapter. It must not be less than The original output current, otherwise the power adapter will be overloaded, if the overload is used, the power supply will be hot, or the protection will have no output, or even be damaged.

After paying attention to the above points, we need to consider environmental factors. The weather is getting hot. Even if the original power adapter is lower than the temperature, the temperature of the casing will increase. Therefore, the power adapter cannot be used during use. Placed in direct sunlight or in a hot closed environment, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. Otherwise, not only the heat of the power adapter will not be dissipated, but also some heat will be absorbed. In the hot summer, we can put the power adapter on its side. Increase the contact area between the power adapter adapter and the air, so that the heat of the adapter can be better dissipated. In order to obtain a better heat dissipation effect, we can also pad a narrow plastic block or metal block between the power adapter and the desktop,In order to increase the air convection speed around the adapter, speed up the heat dissipation of the adapter. Do not place objects on the power adapter, which will cause the heat dissipation. If possible, add a fan next to the power adapter to dissipate heat.
The above is a plan for the editor to come in the hot summer, and I will give you a few tips on how to use the power adapter safely, and I also thank new and old customers for their consistent support and trust.

Post time: Nov-10-2020